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Pools & Supplies

How To Get Started ~ selecting the right pool and products!

Choosing a Water Labor & Birth Pool 

Choosing a Water Labor & Birth Pool

Selecting your water labor & birth pool may seem like an overwhelming task but it can be made easier if you do the following:

Compare all our pools here.

1) Be realistic about what you can afford.
Our pools range in price from the $65 to $310. See our choices here.

If you can go a bit higher in price then the La Bassine Pool is the pool for you. This product is perfect for families who want a quality pool that is ethically manufactured: no child, forced or underpaid labor and is nade from Eco-Friendly vinyl: - no phthalates, lead or cadmium. This pool has two interior handles perfect for assitance with pushing and getting in and out of the pool. This product is also marketed by women for women around the world and is not mass produced. It is strong and dependable, constructed with heavy I-beam walls and its large air valve allows for fast inflation.

If you are a midwife or doula then you will want to consider La Bassine PROPool. This is our most economical Eco-Friendly pool, comes with 10 custom fit liners and is guaranteed for one year or 10 births. Constructed like the regular La Bassine Pool with the same features but with 30% stronger material ~ designed for repeat use.


2) Select a pool that best meets yours needs.
If you are a midwife or doula select the La Bassine PRO Pool. It comes with 10 liners and is guaranteed for 10 uses or one year.


3) Order your pool early and use it in late pregnancy.
Order your water birth pool to arrive by 37 weeks pregnancy.  You will need to allow 7 business days for shipping.  Most midwives will let women birth at home as early as 37 weeks if all seems well with mother and baby. You should consider using your pool in late pregnancy for comfort measures. Your water birth pool can provide back and pubic bone pain relief, reduction of swelling, improves placental function and relaxes mom. The perfect treat before bed.

What Water Birth Supplies Do I Need? 

What Water Birth Supplies Do I Need?
Learn what supplies you must have and what supplies are helpful to have.

1) The "Must Haves"
 The first thing you must select is your labor & birth pool.  

Once this is done you need three "Must Haves": 

  • Air Pump: Electric air pumps are the fastest but hand pumps work just as well. Bicycle and other tire pumps do not work. Pumps for air beds, beach balls and swimming pools will work. Consider selecting a pump that inflates and deflates (like the ones we sell). This allows you to deflate your pool flat enough for easier storage.
  • Water Hose: Select a water hose that is long enough to go from your water source to your desired placement of your birth pool. Keep in mind that your faucet needs to be able to accept a Faucet Hose Adapter so you can attach your water hose. Medical grade vinyl hoses (like the ones we sell) are drinking water safe and will not leach dangerous chemicals into your birth pool.
  • Faucet Hose Adapter: This adapter connects to your faucet allowing you to attach your water hose. Select a faucet that has a removable end piece (the part at the end of the faucet that has a screen). Our faucet adapters are designed to fit end pieces that thread internally or externally. If you do not have a faucet with a removable end piece (most kitchen sinks have this) then you may have to consider connecting your water hose to your shower pipe (the pipe that your shower head is attached to) or to your washing machine water source. These connections do not need adapter but you will need a "Y" adapter like what we sell to be able to get both hot and cold water to flow through one water hose.

2) Other Supplies:
We will list these supplies in the order of most useful.

  • Debris Removal Net - any size. When we push out babies out, we also move what ever is in our colon into the pool. Use your Debris Removal Net to scoop and throw away. Line your net with a small piece of paper towel to prevent debris from sticking to the net then trailing back through the water on your next scoop.
  • "Y" Hose Adapter and End Cap - attach the "Y" Adapter between your Faucet Adapter and your Water Hose. The hose is on one branch of the "Y" and you access water from the other branch of the "Y".
  • Hand-Held Mirror - most women will labor and start pushing in a hands and knees position. This position makes it imposible to see the baby as it emerges. Place the mirror below the mother and aim a flashlight beam on the mirror (which will reflect light up to her bottom). Now you can see the baby's progress easily.
  • Underwater Flashlight - these lights provide perfect light for monitoring the baby as it emerges. Standard flashlights beams break up and make visibility poor.
  • "Wet" Deluxe Pool Patch - a must have for every waterbirth in an inflatable pool. If a leak occurs, these patches can be applied right through the water. No need to drain the pool.
  • Floating Thermometer - if maintaining water temperature is important to you then these themometers make the task easy and add fun to your pool.
  • Submersible Water Removal Pump - our portable sump pump means you can drain a pool without having to find an electrical outlet. Our electric sump pump is more powerful and will drain the pool even faster. A Submersible pump is a must for a hospital birth or for any family or midwife wishing to get the job done fast.
  • Shoulder Length Gloves - help keep you dry when listening to heart tones, checking dilation and assisting with deliver. Put these gloves on and place your sterile gloves over the top.
  • Protective Gowns - keeps you dry and clean.
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