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Birth Stories
by Austin
Home birth
1st time Father
by Francoise
by Anne
Hello there,

I ordered and received your pool last week, & just wanted to share a fun fact from my birth story with you. I actually went into labor about 2 1/2 weeks earlier than anyone thought (baby girl is just fine, considered term, just an early bird) . . . ON April 14th. Yup, that's the predicted shipping arrival.

The UPS worker arrived with it, I kid you not, about ten minutes before my first midwife got there. She and my friend/doula did a record-breaking job of getting in inflated and filled, including running out of hot water from our tiny tank & having to constantly boil the biggest pots I had on the stove - all the while things were getting more intense with me, of course.

But they did it, with the arrival of my other midwife, and I got in the pool just in time to start pushing (which took a while for me). 13 hours start to finish, with a happy baby girl at the end of a totally unexpected day. And your pool (and it's timing) was a crucial part of the story.

Just had to share.


-- Anne, Aaron, & Lily
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