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Smooth Transitions Formula Tincture
Smooth Transitions Formula Tincture

WishGarden Herbs
Lightens Emotions
1 fl oz


Wish Garden Herbs - Smooth Transitions tincture

1 fluid oz

Gentle, effective nervines ease and facilitate changes during labor transition. Emotional rescue! Helps integrate what's happening.  Calms and centers, raises the pain threshold, decreases hypersensitivity to touch.  Generally lightens up the whole emotional level, raises endorphine levels, nerve and muscle food.  Women have reported that it made a huge difference in their birth experience.  It also works well during daily life for emotional or stressful times.  Helpful for emotional trauma, stress, stage fright, feeling frenetic.  Something of an herbal Rescue Remedy. This remedy is not a sedative and can be used liberally both in and out of labor.

Ingredients: Motherwort leaf, Oatseed & Scullcap leaf in 35% pure grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine & Rocky Mountain spring water.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 dropperfuls in water, or under tongue. Repeat in 5-10 min. if needed for desired effect.