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General Birth Supplies and midwifery supplies for homebirths and water births.

Top quality products for natural birth at competitive prices are shipped to you the same or next business day.

Midwives, create your own Custom Birth Kits on our web site and receive discounts for you and your clients. We will find the midwifery supplies that you need.

Buy in bulk and save!

Labor & Birth
Labor & Birth
For Mother
For Mother
For Baby
For Baby
For Midwife
For Midwife
 DeLee Mucus Trap DeLee Mucus Trap 

Suction catheter
20 cc - 10 Fr Catheter
Latex Free


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 Digestive Ease for Pregnancy Tincture Digestive Ease for Pregnancy Tincture 

On Sale!
WishGarden Herbs
Soothes digestion
1 fl oz


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 Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer 

LCD screen &
60 second readings


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 Dry Scrub Brush Dry Scrub Brush 

Nail cleaner included

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 EldonCard ABO Blood Type Home Kit EldonCard ABO Blood Type Home Kit 

Determine blood group
Determine Rh factor
Fast & easy


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 Emergen-C Tangerine Emergen-C Tangerine 

Antioxidants, Electrolytes, Vitamins
1,000 mg Vitamin C
Makes 6 oz drink


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 Emesis Bag Emesis Bag 

For sickness during labor and birth


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 Flexible Drinking Straw Flexible Drinking Straw 

Individually wrapped
7 3/4 in.


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 Gallon Zip Close Bag Gallon Zip Close Bag 



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 Goldenseal Root Powder Capsule Goldenseal Root Powder Capsule 

Single capsule
590 mg each


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 H+care hemorrhoid cream H+care hemorrhoid cream 

1 oz
Relieves, soothes, calms


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 Healing Balm First-Use Salve by WishGarden Herbs Healing Balm First-Use Salve by WishGarden Herbs 

1 oz jar
For minor cuts, scrapes, bumps & bruses.


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 Heel Warmer Heel Warmer 

Lift-and-stick tape for easy application and removal
Activates instantly


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 Herbal Cal for Pregnancy Tincture Herbal Cal for Pregnancy Tincture 

WishGarden Herbs
Relieve leg cramps
1 fl oz



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 Herp-Elim Salve by WishGarden Herbs Herp-Elim Salve by WishGarden Herbs 

1 oz.
Soothe & calm irritated skin



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 Inflatable Comfort Ring Inflatable Comfort Ring 

Durable vinyl
Adjusts to body contours
17" x 15"


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 Instant Cold Absorbent Pad Instant Cold Absorbent Pad 

Self-adhesive 14" pad
Highly absorbent
Reduces swelling and pain


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 Instant Warm Perineal Pack Instant Warm Perineal Pack 

Self-adhesive 14" pad
Highly absorbant
Hourglass shape


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 Instrument Sterilization Pouch Instrument Sterilization Pouch 

Self Seal
5 x 10
For use in steam or gas sterilizers only


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 Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 

70% Isopropyl
16 oz.


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