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Silvalea Birth Pool Lift Net
Silvalea Birth Pool Lift Net

Quick and easy evacuation
Use with inflatable or acrylic pools


The Birthing Pool Transfer Sling is an emergency transfer sling specifically designed for the birthing pool. Every evacuation scenario from conscious to severely limited has been given consideration during the design process for this transfer device so that the patient is secure, safe and introduction of the sling into the pool does not cause further distress or loss of dignity.

A soft mesh fabric with large holes allows for quick drainage of water. Designed to quickly evacuate an end user from the pool should an emergency situation arise.

Colour coded grab handles allow for ease of identification and positioning.

A free instructional DVD by independent water birth specialist Diane Garland is supplied with every purchase of this sling.

This is a manual handling aid and the correct manual handling practices should be followed.

Available in one material type:
Mesh - High density open weave mesh, durable, used for bathing as quick drying. SUITABLE FOR BATHING

Wash at 85°C
Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)