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Oasis Elite Grand Birth Pool Liner
Oasis Elite Grand Birth Pool Liner

US Company
Fits Oasis Elite GrandBirth Pool
0.18mm Vinyl
Extra Strong and Extra Soft
Eco-Friendly phthalate-free
Textured for safety

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Oasis Elite Grand Birth Pool Liner

Adding a disposable liner to your birth pool adds strength and makes cleanup quick and easy.

Top quality ECO phthalate-free vinyl

The Oasis Elite Grand Birth Pool Liner has water fill lines mark right on the material.

Textured to help reduce the risk of slipping. Texturing also make the liner more supple and easier to manage.

This liner's material is lighter and stronger than other pool liners and is a custom fit for the Oasis Elite Grand Water Birth Pool.

Liners are a must when reusing pools. Liners can also help extend the life of your pool as they help support the weight of the water.