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8 Oasis Generic Pool Liner
8 Oasis Generic Pool Liner
$176.00 $158.40

Softer! Stronger! Easier to use!
Better than standard generic pool liners
0.18mm phthalate-free vinyl

Save up to 45% compared to brand name liners!

Fits: La Bassine, Maxi, Reg & Mini BPIAB, Aquaborn, Gentle Birth, and Aquadoula pools.


Case of 8 Oasis Generic Pool Liners.
La Bassine regular and La Bassine Pro Grade Pools
Maxi regular and Maxi Pro Grade Pools
Mini and Mini Pro Grade Birth Pool in a Box Pools
Regular and Regular Pro Grade Birth Pool in a Box Pools
Aquaborn and Aquaborn Pro Grade Pools
Gentle Birth Pools
Aquadoula Pools

Select our Oasis Round Pool Liner for Aquarium and Passages Pools.

This liner is improved:

  • Softer
  • Stronger
  • Easier to use

Made from soft phthalate-free vinyl instead of stiff poly. The poly generic pool liners are stiff and slippery. The new Oasis Generic Pool Liner is made from soft 0.18mm vinyl. You will find it softer and easier to use. It will also slide less against the pool making it more comfortable for birthing moms.

Poly generic pool liners are also prone to leaks. Vinyl is a superior material which forms watertight seams which means no leaks!

Note: This liner is not a form fitted product and will fit loosely on any pool.