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Hospital Systems

We sell waterbirth systems to hospitals all across the US.

To receive brochures about our hospital systems email us at

Custom kits are our specialty.  Call us at 509-962-8630 for a consultation.

View our PDF on Hospital Water Labor & Birth Systems!

Our Systems provide all the accessories you need:

Inflatable Pools

Our inflatable pools are:

  • Easy & Fast to set up and inflate
  • Strong & Safe made from phthalate free material with strong construction
  • Comfortable inflated floor and soft sides that retain heat for hours
  • Oval Shapes take less room and water
  • Designs with handles and economy brands for great savings


We sell every accessory you may need for your facility.

Send us an email at or call us at 509-962-8630 to speak to a specialist today. We will help you create a custom system for your needs.