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Birth Philosophy

 Birth Philosophy is that of Debra Nelson's - Childbirth Assistant and owner of

Birth is a highly personal experience.
Each one unique.
Never again to be repeated.



   It is intimate and spiritual,
yet it bonds each mother to all mothers
and each father to all fathers.




  Birth is challenging and rewarding…
...beyond one’s scope of understanding,
impacting each person who experiences it, parent, child, care giver.






Birth forever changes us.





The prenatal period provides a time to learn
about the family and the mothers needs.
About their fears and about their hopes. 


As a childbirth assistant, you are a guest at the birth. 
You are there to serve the mother and her family.

Serve them in a way that is as unique as the birth itself.
Be there to assist them in bringing new life into the world...
their way.



In this world of growing technology, normal childbirth is lost to modern day “advances”.



Undisturbed birth,
birth where healthy women are allowed to labor, deliver,
and embrace their babies without distractions,
in the setting which is most comfortable and familiar to them
- usually their own homes is, in most situations,
the safest and most practical option.


Every mother holds within her the ability to grow,
birth and nurture her baby without “expert” interference.

Families need to be supported and encouraged.

How wonderful it would be if this was the goal of all childbirth attendents.


While holding my 6 month old daughter, Sara in 1991,
I attended my first homebirth as a “house helper.”
Although this birth was 20 hours longer than mine and
presented many more challenges,

I saw a tremendous difference from my hospital birth.



The contrast in our postpartum photos say a lot.

I was called to help at several more homebirths
and fell in love with this incredible
experience and went on to apprentice with
a traditional homebirth midwife.

Seventeen years later, I am still amazed by mothers and babies. 



 Pregnancy and birth are the responsibility of the family.

Hand them back what was always theirs.

Their pregnancy, their birth, and their baby.



We can offer information, encouragement and monitoring,
but it is what birthing families do for themselves, the choices they make,
that will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby. 
All care providers must accept that families are capable of this responsibility.
With this acceptance we would see tremendous changes in birthing practices:
Less law suits, better outcomes and stronger families.

Follow your heart and make choices that are best for you.
Conquer your fears with knowledge and honor your intuition.
You are the result of countless generations of women successfully birthing.
Now it is your turn to embrace the journey.
Don’t let “normal” American birthing
practices rob you of the magic and beauty that is yours to experience.

 I hope that Your Water has helped you meet your birthing needs.
We have done our best to keep our prices as low as possible while providing you the
best in water labor and birthing supplies and the best customer service available.

Blessings in birth,
Debra Nelson Thorpe
Owner -

All the photos in this essay were taken by Debra Nelson Thorpe.

Birth is raw and overwhelming
but equally wonderful.