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10% Midwife & Doula Discount

Get a 10% Discount for midwifes, doulas and childbirth educators!

Share your discount code with your clients so they can also save 10%!

Register as a midwife on www.YourWaterBirth.com and:

  • Receive a 10% discount coupon for you and your clients
  • Create Custom Birth Kits  - see example here
  • Create an Essentials List - homebirth shopping list
  • Have your own page on our site to promote your midwifery practice
  • Request products

Please note: This discount is only available for United States childbirth professionals.. We are unable to provide this discount to international childbirth professionals.

This discount only occurs when discount coupon is entered into the discount coupon box during the checkout process.

Getting Started ~

This process sends a notice to us.  We will establish your personal Midwife Account in 24-48 hours and send you a return email with further instructions.

  • Receive Emails

You will receive two emails. 

  • The first one will be notification of your registering with www.YourWaterBirth.com
  • The second email will give you your Discount Coupon Code as well as further instructions to setting up your Custom Birth Kits and your personal Midwife Page.  At this stage you now have an established Midwife Account with us.

Next you will:

  • Log In again using your ID and Password.
  • You will land on this page: My Account Information

This area several areas for you to learn about. We will guide you through these areas and help you set up your personal page.

  • 1st click under My Account - "View or change my account information". Here you will adjust any information that is not correct. Click Continue when finished and you will be taken back to My Account Information.
  • 2nd click under My Midwife Tools - "About My Services, Kits and Essentials List". Here you will type about yourself and your practice. You can also provide some details to the Custom Kits or Essentials List you created. See Example.
  • 3rd click under My Midwife Tools - "My Kits". Here is where you create your Custom Birth Kits. We recommend that you 1st create your base birth kit. In naming your kit ALWAYS: Use your name and the name of the kit: Susan Smith - Custom Birth Kit.
  • Click "Add". You will now see your kit with "edit / remove" buttons and the name of your kit. At this time you will not be able to edit your kit (add items to it) until administration Activates it. This will take 1-2 days but will usually happen on the same day.

Know that at any time you can email CustomerService@YourWaterBirth.com, let us know what you want in your kit and we will create it for you.

Once we have Activated your Custom Birth Kit you will:

  • 1st Log In and under My Midwife Tools click "Kits"
  • 2nd click "edit" at the left of your Custom Birth Kit
  • 3rd Type a Kit Description: "Select this kit for your homebirth if you already have a birth pool".
  • 4th below the Kit Description box is Kit Contains. You will see that "Your Kit does not have any Products."  You are about to add the produtct! 
  • Under Add Product "Select Category" here is where you will find all our products. At this point it can seem a bit confusing.  What helps is to open a 2nd page of www.YourWaterBirth.com and click on General Birth Supplies on the left side of the home page. Look through the categories to find the products you want to include in your Custom Birth Kit. Once you find the product you want to add go back to the 1st page and under Add Product find the Category (Labor & Birth for example) (Gloves) Synthetic Sterile Gloves - Singles ($0.40).
  • Click Add and this places the gloves into your Custom Kit. You can increase or decrease the quantity under qty with - or + or even remove the item entirely.
  • Continue adding items until you have all the items you desire in your Custom Kit.
  • Once you are done with this kit click Continue.
  • We will be notified that you created this Custom Birth Kit and will need to Activate it (apply shipping weight, photos, etc.) before your clients can purchase it. Activation takes 1-2 days.

Remember that we will be happy to do this process for you.  Email us at CustomerService@YourWaterBirth.com and provide us the list of items you want in your kit.

Adding pools to your Custom Birth Kit.
Once your Custom Birth Kit is activated you can easily take the same kit and add a pool to you - creating another Custom Birth Kit.

  • 1st Log In.
  • 2nd under My Midwife Tools click "My Kits"
  • 3rd type the name of the new kit - let's say you are adding a La Bassine to your Custom Birth Kit. Call this kit: Susan Smith - Custom Birth Kit with La Bassine.
  • 4th click Add
  • 5th Go ahead and create a couple more kits with cheaper pools if you want your clients to have this option. Click Add to add each new kit.
  • 6th now create a Waterbirth Accessories Kit. This kit will contain all the items you want your clients to have for setting up their waterbirth pool. Hose, adapter, net, mirror, light, etc. Call this kit: Susan Smith - Custom Waterbirth Accessories Kit.
  • 7th - again you must wait until we Activate these new kits before you can add products to them.

 Modifying your Custom Kits:
At any time you can log in and edit your Custom Kits. Any changes you make will need to be Activated before the modified kit is available for purchase.  This should take 1-2 days.

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