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Maxi Water Birth Pool
Maxi Water Birth Pool

75" x 65" x 28"
0.45mm phthalate-free vinyl
165 gallons

Maxi Birth Pool
By La Bassine

0.45mm vinyl, no phthalates, lead or cadmium.
External 75" x 65" x 28"
Internal 57" x 46" x 25"
Rim width 10"
3" inflatable floor
Two top handles and four internal handles
3-ring construction
Comes with nylon carrying case
Repair kit included.

Each of our pools is warrantied to arrive to our customers in good condition.
Do not leave your pool in cold temperatures. This may damage the pool.
Please read instructions carefully prior to inflating pool.
Pools must be warmed to 70 degrees prior to unfolding and inflating to prevent damage to pool. Allow to warm in its vinyl bag for 72 hours.
Customer is required to notify Your Water Birth .com of defective pools within seven days of pools arrival.
Customer is required to inflate their pool after arrival to check for defects. Inflate pool on day five to seven.
Inflate pools with appropriate air pumps only and do not over inflate.
Pools are not warrantied for damage caused by misuse.
Pools are not warrantied if left inflated for days waiting for labor to begin. Deflate pools not in use.
Returns are not accepted after 14 days. See our Return Policy.