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Centered Mama nervine formula tincture
Centered Mama nervine formula tincture

WishGarden Herbs
Relaxing aid
1 fl oz

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Centered Mama nervine formula tincture
Wish Garden Heral Remedies

1 fluid oz

WishGarden Herbs' Centered Mama nervine formula helps mamas stuck in labor. These gentle but powerful herbs are for when a mother is has been laboring and needs a break, and for her body to rest. The herbs can aid visualizations and relaxations techniques. With 30+ years' experience making herbal formulations for pregnancy and child bearing, WishGarden is the trusted name in natural pregnancy. Recommended for practitioner use only

1-2 droppers full, in water for taste, during stalled labor. Use with practitioner guidance only. Do NOT use during 2nd stage of labor.

Active Ingredients: Lobelia aerials, Valerian root, Wild Lettuce aerials

Other Ingredients: Organic gluten-free alcohol, vegetable glycerine and pure Rocky Mountain spring water.

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