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MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit
MAXI PRO Midwife\'s Water Birth Kit

& more
Save 10%

$442.20 $397.98
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Save Big on our Midwife's PRO Kit
Electric Air Pump
Transfer Water Pump
Attitude Underwater Light
Howes Birth Mirror
Pool Patch Kit
3 Hose Adapters
3 "Y" Hose Adapters

Save 10%
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This product contains the following items:
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Submersible Water Removal Pump
Submersible Water Removal Pump This pump will remove water from your birth pool at 660 Gallons Per Hour. Easy to use and clean. This pump is a must for midwives, hospital births or for the families wanting a quick clean up after their waterbirth...
Quantity: 1
Price: $72.75
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Deluxe Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump
Deluxe Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump For Birth Pool Inflation Flexible Extension Hose + 3 Nozzles Rapid Inflate and Deflate! Large nozzel attachment that fits birth pool large air valves. Thermo protector to help prevent motor over-heating...
Quantity: 1
Price: $28.75
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Shower Hose Adapter
Shower Hose Adapter Connect your water hose directly to your shower pipe by removing your shower head, attach Shower Hose Adapter and attach water hose.
Quantity: 1
Price: $6.75
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Faucet Sprayer Hose Adapter
Fits 1/2" sprayer hose only. If your faucet sprayer threads are smaller, you will need to see a plumbing store for the proper hose adapter. Faucet Sprayer Hose Adapter For water birth Connects water hose to your kitchen faucet sprayer...
Quantity: 1
Price: $6.75
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Faucet Standard Hose Adapter
Faucet Hose Adapter Adapter fits most household faucets that have an existing aerator on them. Connets your water hose to your kitchen faucet. A must for your waterbirth. 15/16" x 3/4"...
Quantity: 1
Price: $6.75
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Y" Hose Adapter & Hose End Cap
"Y" Hose Adapter Connects to your Faucet Hose, Shower Hose or Faucet Sprayer adapter. Shut off valves for each side of the "Y" Adapter. You will not have to detach and reattach your hose each time you need access to...
Quantity: 3
Price: $14.55
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit ATTITUDE Underwater Flashlight
ATTITUDE Underwater Flashlight Smooth, intense, white light is achieved by the unique triangular configuration of 3 Ultrabright LEDs. Waterproof to 300 feet 3 5mm LED lights with 12 lumens 4 AAA batteries included 5 inches X 1 inch 2.5 ounces...
Quantity: 1
Price: $18.95
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit MAXI PRO Eco Birth Pool
MAXI PRO Eco Birth Pool By La Bassine 0.60mm eco vinly lInterior & exterior handles Nylon carrying bag External 75" x 65" x 28" Internal 57" x 46" x 25" Rim width 10" 165 Gallons Birth Pool Features Designed...
Quantity: 1
Price: $245.00
MAXI PRO Midwife's Water Birth Kit Howes Birth Mirror
Howes Birth Mirror   10" x 3" (6.5" x 3" mirror face)      Angled for easy viewing Made from stainless steel Can be sterilized Smooth lines with no areas for germs to multiply in All edges are...
Quantity: 1
Price: $41.95
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