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    Your Water Birth .com stands behind all its products!

    Here is our Return Policy:

    Damaged or Faulty Inflatable Pools

    All damaged or faulty inflatable pools will be replaced - or - a full refund will be provided if notice is

   given to YourWaterBirth.com by email: CustomerService@YourWaterBirth.com or by phone:
   509-962-8630 within seven days of product arrival.

    Replacement products will be shipped out to you same day or next business day via the same method
   of shipping you originally purchased at no additional cost to the customer. International orders will only
   be refunded. Damaged or faulty products do not need to be returned.

    Notices of damaged or faulty inflatables after four days may not be replaced or refunded. Inflatable
    pools are susceptible to damage from mishandling and are not guaranteed for repeat inflation or use.

    Drain and deflate your pool when not needed to help extend the life of your pool for future use and to uphold warranties.

    Replacement pools and other products will be shipped the same method as the original.

    Non Inflatable Products

    All products are guaranteed for replacement if they arrive damaged or prove to be faulty. With
    notification by email: 
CustomerService@YourWaterBirth.com or by phone: 509-962-8630.

    Replacement products will be shipped same day or next business day at no additional cost to the
    customer. Damaged or faulty products do not need to be returned.  Replacement products will be 

    shipped with the same method originally used.

    Returns For Dissatisfaction (or baby already arrived)

    To return products for customer dissatisfaction: 

  • We replace only faulty or damaged products. 
  • Products that have not been removed from their original packages (pools, pumps, etc) or non packaged items that have not been used may be returned at own expense. You will receive a full refund less 20% for re-stocking and less original shipping and handling costs.
  • Products can not be returned after 14 days of arrival. For more clarity: All return products must arrive to our location before 14 days from arrival to you. Products arriving after 14 days may or may not be returned to the customer.
  • Childbirth supplies (cord clamps, gloves, underpads, etc.) are non-refundable.

    If payment was made with credit card or debit card then refund will be applied to same.
    If payment was made with money order or with check then refund will be given in the form of a
    Your Water Birth company check. This type of refund will be issued after returned products have
    been received and found in good condition.


Return products to:

Your Water Birth
1205 N Delphine St
Ellensburg, WA  98926

Products return to 110 W 6th Ave (our mail post box) will be accessed an additional 10% fee. Packages requriing signature and a trip to the US Post Office will incur an additional $15 fee for our time.

    NOTE:  Your Water Birth .com will not accept or give refunds for any pools & other products if:

  • pool box has been opened
  • pool has been removed from pool box
  • pool has been inflated
  • any boxed or packaged products have been removed from their box or have been used
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