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Your Water Birth .com offers a wide selection of Books and Videos on water birth.

Active Birth  book - The New Approach To Giving Birth Naturally
1992 - by Janet Balaskas

"In an active birth, a mother moves about freely, finds comfortable positions for labor and delivery, and seldom needs drugs or obstetrical interventions. In Active Birth, Janet Balaskas teaches mothers to develop all of their bodily resources for giving birth, to follow their own instincts, and to take full control of the childbirth experience."


  • Fully-illustrated exercises for a comfortable, energetic pregnancy
  • Massage for pregnancy and labor
  • Ways to create the ideal setting for an active birth in the hospital or at home
  • Positions for labor and birth, for maximum comfort and efficient contractions
  • The latest information about water birth, and how to plan one
  • Exercises for recovery and relaxation after the birth
  • Helpful tips for partners and birth attendants


Choosing Waterbirth book - Reclaiming the Sacred Power of Birth
2000 by Lakshmi Bertram



Birth As We Know It - DVD

2006 - nearly 4 hours of viewing enjoyment for the entire family!

Directed by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

  • 11 Natural Births combined with an invoking narrative and breathtaking soundtrack.
  • 2.5 hours of rare and facinating Special Features including:
  • Director's Commentary
  • Instrumental Version
  • Lotus Birth
  • Special Interviews
  • Circumcision


Birth Into Being - DVD -  The Russian Waterbirth Experience

2007 from Waterbirth International - 28 minutes

"Russian Spiritual Midwife, Tatyana Sargunas and her filmmaker husband, Alexi, recorded five totally natural, incredible waterbirths. Their original footage takes you on a breathtaking expedition to witness two families birthing in the Black Sea, and into their home to see two of their daughters being born in a handmade clear birthing pool. Scenes of children and babies swimming with dolphins will delight and amaze audiences of all ages."

Gentle Birth Choices - DVD  2006 by Barbara Harper

Six natural births!

"Based on Barbara Harper's book Gentle Birth Choices, this film presents birth as every woman would like it to be. In a birth center setting, you will see two waterbirths, a squatting birth, an older mother whose last baby was born 18 years previously, and a VBAC. You will also witness a beautiful home birth. These births are family-centered, and attended by midwives or an OB/GYN."

VHS version on sale!

Water Babies - DVD - The Aquanatal Experience in Ostend

1994 by Jade Productions, Belgium

"This video reveals the amazing work of a dedicated group of water birth practitioners, parents and aquanatal instructors in H.Surreys Hospital in Ostend, Belgium. We see what is now the world's leading Aquatic Maternity Center, where couples spend time preparing for birth in aquatic prenatal classes, giving birth in water and returning their newborns into the aquatic environment for swim training, fun and bonding.

With 17 years of encouraging women to use warm water to ease labor and facilitate birth, Dr. Herman Ponette tells us of his experience with more than 3000 water births in Ostend, where more than 50 percent of all women give birth in water. you will see many beautiful births in water, including a breech presentation and the birth of twins."

28 minutes

Born In Water - DVD - A Sacred Journey

2001 - by Andaluz Waterbirth Center

"A beautiful collection of seven waterbirths, including a home waterbirth, attended by midwife, Jennifer Gallardo, at the Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Guatemala and Oregon. Witness woman give birth without intervention as they reclaim their power as a bearer of life and bring their children into the world with gentleness, awareness and wisdom.

This video is our gift to the babies of the world. Our hope is that their parents will have faith in their ability to give birth as they help to guide their babies on their sacred journey and welcome them to the light."

VHS version on sale!


"Waterbirth is an all-natural, gentle, pain-reducing, fulfilling, and empowering birthing method, in which mother and infant start out their new life together in a relaxing and deeply familiar environment: warm water.  But is it safe? How does water reduce the pain? And is it really more beneficial to your baby?

In this complete guide to waterbirth, a yoga instructor and mother of six "water babies" relates her own experiences in the tub while providing the important information that every parent needs to understand, prepare for, and undertake waterbirthing:

  • The basics of natural birth
  • How water immersion promotes the feeling of well-being while reducing pain
  • Exercises designed to relax and strengthen the mother
  • How to create the ideal birthing environment
  • Practical advice for breast-feeding, baby massage, and more..."


Gentle Birth Choices
book - 1994, revised 2005 by Barbara Harper -- includes DVD

"Expectant parents are faced with a daunting array of choices to make about prenatal care, labor and birth. In Gentle Birth Choices Barbara Harper, renowned childbirth advocate, nurse, midwife, and mother of three, explains all the available choices and shows how to plan a truly meaningful, family-centered birth experience. She dispels the medical myths that so often shift control of birth away from women and reimagines birth without fear or violence and with minimal pain. Harper reveals the abundant range of gentle birth approaches, including:

  • Deciding how to best use current technologies"
  • Giving birth in an independent birth center, at home, or in a hospital birthing room
  • Finding a primary caregiver who shares your philosophy of birth

Water Birth - A Midwife's Perspective
book - 1994 by Susanna Napierala

"As women increasingly seek more humanistic birthing methods than the hospital-based delivery, certified midwife Susanna Napierala suggests that water birth offers mother and infant the ideal circumstances for beginning their lives together. Warm water, explains the author, reduces the hours and stress of labor, offers bodily support and relaxes blood flow, helping to ease the baby's journey. The baby makes its transition to breathing air in a familiar, gentle medium."

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