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Michelle Lyn Thursday 24 October, 2013
Upon checking our birth pool (that we received elsewhere) we found that it had a water leak at the bottom that we are still trying to figure out how to fix. I came onto the site to order another pool as a back-up in case we could not have our pool fixed and Debra was incredibly attentive and helpful in getting the pool to us asap as the baby is coming soon! I am so grateful for her tender care and every time i've ordered from here, the communication has been impeccable and the shipping super fast. Thank you Debra!
Adri Monday 15 October, 2012
Thank you so much for sending the pool so quickly! That was really nice! We are now set up and ready and waiting...what wonderful service. Adri
Audrie Monday 15 October, 2012
Thank you very much for upgrading my shipping for me. My due date is close and could not afford to order my supplies until now. Thank you
Pete Monday 15 October, 2012
Hi all, The birthing pool we bought from your website worked perfectly and thank you so much for a great product. Our son was born this past Sunday on 2/27 and was born so calmly and serenely. We are grateful to you. Thank you, Pete
Shelley Monday 15 October, 2012
Thanks so much , you guys are the best. I had to order liners last week from someone else and their shipping and customer service was crappy. Blessings, Shelley
Linda Monday 15 October, 2012
Just writing to thank you for the quick delivery of the birth pool liner and pillow that I ordered on the 22nd. It arrived today, the 28th. It is quite common for companies to charge extra for shipping to Alaska. I have never had a company upgrade my shipping free of charge, Thank You very much. I will be sure to tell my mid-wife about your wonderful service. Sincerely, Linda
Carrie Monday 15 October, 2012
Thank you for the quick shipping! My package arrived today...now I can have my baby :) I am very impressed with your compnay and the great customer service. Carrie
Lordes & Eric Tuesday 20 April, 2010
Our baby turned 7 months exactly today. We can't thank you enough for the waterbirthing professional materials you sent us. We ordered on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. My husband set it up on Friday and our baby came on Sunday :) He's a water baby finishing his first set of swimming lessons this Wednesday! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Highly recommended! Lourdes & Eric BC Canada

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